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Wether you're a vape enthusiast who wants to create new e-liquid mixes and track them, or a quitter who wants to track their progress, Puff Tracker is the perfect tool for you.

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Discover a supportive community tailored to your vaping interests and goals. Puff Tracker welcomes you with open arms, offering specialized feeds for both vaping aficionados and those committed to quitting. Share your journey, exchange tips on setups, and find encouragement every step of the way.

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"Puff Tracker is now more than a tracking app - it's a community. Seeing my friends' puff stats and e-liquid is really cool. And the calculators are super handy for mixing my own liquids."

Vape enthusiast


United States

"Connecting with the community in Puff Tracker is awesome! I love seeing everyone's unique vape setups and chatting about all the cool new e-liquids and devices out there."

Vape Geek


United Arab Emirates

"This app helped me slow down and stop vaping my THC pen. Loved having the ability to connect with friends and compare puff stats, it adds a lot of fun and competitive edge."



United Kingdom

Connect & Share

Start a conversation and connect with a unique network tailored for vapers. Share photos, get feedback on your setups, and inspire others with your vaping journey.

Master the Mix

Elevate your e-liquid crafting with our intuitive mixing calculator. Create the perfect blend, save your favorite recipes, and tweak them to perfection

Analyze Your Habits

Dive into your vaping habits with our in-depth analysis tools. Visual charts offer insights into your trends, averages, and totals, helping you monitor and manage your intake.

Vape Smart

Vape smarter with Puff Tracker's offline capabilities. Edit your eliquids, set personalized goals and customize your app experience with your favorite color themes.

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